Thoro'Bred Stall Jacks

length-in-inches: 12
side-cut: None


7.0 lb

The Thoro'Bred Stall Jack allows quick shaping of aluminum racing plates or lightweight steel shoes without nicking or creasing the inside edge, and the top is made from heat treated tool steel. Shafts are made of stainless steel and swaged onto the tops for strength and durability. The most popular is the 18" length.

Order any length from 12" to 26". Approximately 7 pounds for most sizes.

Side cut versions are also available for greater versatility. The most popular is the right side cut, (as  pictured) however we will also build them with a left side cut, or both sides cut. Side cuts make shaping shoes a breeze!

Most Stall Jacks other than 18" are special order, so please allow us 2 weeks to hand build your custom items. 1 year guarantee. Give us a call if you want one with a combination other than listed.

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