Hawthorne S-Pak Equine Hoof Sealant – Single Use Pack



1.0 lb

S-PAK is the first hoof sealant that does not wash off. The optimal time to apply S-Pak solution is immediately after shoeing or trimming the hooves. S-Pak does not need to be re-applied until the next trim or shoeing, it literally must grow out with the hoof. S-Pak solution was designed for horses with chipped or cracked hooves, with thin or weak walls, or on horses that frequently require new shoes or repairs. S-Pak seals in much-needed moisture, aids in preventing hooves from chipping, cracking, seals nail holes and secures clinched nails so that they are less likely to loosen between shoeing.

Dr. Walter Kreeger, a farrier, educator and researcher, found in his study on treatments for White Line Disease it was essential to coat the hooves with Hawthorne’s S-Pak solution in order to seal any old and new nail holes and to aid in securing the clinches. The procedure was repeated in 6 weeks and improvement was noted in the infected areas. At the end of the 12 week study, all horses had varying degrees of hoof lesion reduction that ranged from 61.43% to 86.51%.

Due to registration requirements, this product is not available for sale in California.

Sold as a 6oz  kit with 3 solutions and applicators and instructions.

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