Turbo Low Toe Front

size: 5
box-set: Set


1.0 lb

The TURBO LOW TOE FRONT is a patented design by Thoro'Bred that allows the horse to run forwards with no restriction of a grab or a calk, and then accelerate with the TURBO! By reducing back slip, the TURBO also reduces tendon, ligament and back injuries on any racetrack or turf course.

Our LEGACY Series is thicker, wider and stronger than traditional racing plates and the tapered sole relief is improved to help reduce sole pressures and bruising. Now with more nail holes for increased nailing options, an improved overall shape and deeper fullering to keep nail heads tight.

The Leg Saver option is not available on the TURBO.


Sold By: SETS, PAIRS and 10 PAIR BOX

Manufactured By: THOROBRED INC

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