“CONFORMATION: BASIC SKILLS” Workbook by Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D.



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Here’s the go-to reference you’ve been waiting for, written by Equus Magazine conformation analyst Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D. This durable, large format workbook can ride with you in the truck from home office to stable, and the spiral binding makes it easy to flop open to any page. With big, clear photos and diagrams, it takes you step by step through how to observe, identify, measure, photograph and analyze horse conformation. You’ll learn how to palpate structures of the lower limb and how to tell at a glance whether a hoof is normal or abnormal, in balance or warped and distorted. It covers foal growth and how to predict the mature height of a foal, dental issues and tooth eruption, how to identify surface muscles and tendons as well as prominent parts of the skeleton. Clear, concise text accompanies exercises and follow-up activities, plus there are quizzes and self-tests to build your skill. A useful aid to client education -- every farrier, horse owner, trainer, or prospective buyer needs to know this material. “Conformation: Basic Skills” makes learning easy and fun.

Spiral Bound, 8.5" X 11" size, 104 pp.

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