Queens Wedge Front XT (10 Pairs/Box)

Size: 4
Unit: Pair


0.42 lb

The QUEENS WEDGE FRONT XT is very similar to the Traditional Queens Plate but the heels are raised 1 1/2 degrees.  This shoe helps to support horses with rundown heels or for other corrections that the farrier may deem necessary. The hardened steel XT toe grab protrudes .080" (2mm) above the aluminum surface for additional traction.

Available with the KOOL HEELS option.

KOOL HEELS are designed to cushion the structures within the heel and improve movement and performance of the horse. KOOL HEELS will help cool out the heels and the collateral cartilage, aid in shock absorption, and provide relief to inflamed tissues.

Now available with our optional LEG SAVER pad.

10 pairs in a box


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